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Culture & Lifestyle

Live the Sampa Lifestyle

São Paulo not only boasts an array of cultural attractions, but it also has a rich lifestyle. From gastronomy to a legendary nightlife, top shopping options and a range of kid-friendly spaces, explore this side of São Paulo with a lifestyle tour.

  1. If you’re an art lover, São Paulo is the ideal destination. Boasting some of the continent’s best art museums, many galleries and plenty of street art, São Paulo’s art scene is waiting to be explored. Book a Contemporary Art Tour and explore the most beautiful side of São Paulo.

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  2. São Paulo’s never-ending cityscape is made up of tall skyscrapers, grand colonial buildings and ultra-modern designs. The design of its buildings, bridges and parks is a sight to behold. See its most famous and fascinating architectural landmarks up close by booking this Architecture Tour. Includes a knowledgeable bilingual guide.

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  3. Delve into the history and culture of São Paulo’s remarkable street art movement. From building facades to hidden alleyways, the entire city is a gallery. A tour for the bohemian traveller.

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  4. See why São Paulo has gained international acclaim for its incredible nightlife. Take a nightlife tour with the option to enjoy live Brazilian music or to explore the city’s many bars, pubs and nightclubs. It’ll be a night out in Brazil that you’ll never forget!

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